Use your story to change lives. Grow your company at the same time.

1. We teach you how to leverage Public Speaking to increase your sales & income.
2. We help you to receive your Life Coaching Certification to establish trust & credibility.

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The Problem

Most business owners start their business because of a powerful why and purpose in helping others. Nothing feels better than that sense of mission you feel when you know you're in pursuit of something meaningful.

 The problem is that although the why is clear, the marketing and sales plan of most business owners is a cross finger strategy. That's where business owners execute their plan and then cross their fingers immediately afterwards hoping that it works. This causes consistent worry. We know that the idea of our business shutting down can be scary. It would be devastating to run out of money and then have to go back to a job. Letting our families and ourselves down. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. With a combination of The Lion Speakers Academy and The Life Coaching Certification Program business owners can thrive. The Lion Speakers Academy will give business owners the framework to market their services and increase their sales by leveraging public speaking engagements. It's as simple as, Book a call, Join the Lion Speakers Academy, learn how speak to crowds that'll convert into clients. We can also help the business owner land a TEDx Talk with this academy.

 The Life Coaching Certification Program is the second part to this equation. Business owners who utilize the power of life coaching in all of their dealings with people will instantly stand out. People who are trained to coach people know's how to lead people. The Life Coaching Certification Program will give you that power and more. It is also for individuals that would like to add an additional income stream from life coaching. 

Below we have a breakdown of each service.

Lion Speakers Academy

The Lion Speakers Academy helps business owners leverage structured speaking engagements as a part of their marketing strategy.
1. Business owners will learn how to overcome any fear of public speaking.
2. Business owners will learn how to add an additional $12K+/mo to their monthly income by leveraging the structured speaking engagements that we build with them.
3. We help business owners land their first TEDx Talk. The most powerful speaking platform on the planet. You can establish instant authority in your field and your vision can be seen on the TEDx Platform (Over 60M+ Subscribers) 

Life Coaching Certification Program

We have an accredited life coaching certification program like none other. Business owners will learn the entire system of becoming a certified life coach.
1. You will learn professional coaching skills to give your future clients the most value and transformation
2. You will learn the coaching business framework on how to build a successful and lasting coaching practice. Replace your current income with purely life coaching. Or add an additional source of income changing lives.
3. Establish instant credibility by having a life coaching certification. No matter what work you're in, a life coaching certification says that you know how to help people. You will have authority in every conversation you're in.

He's going to help you succeed.

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