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Allen Little is a TEDx Motivational Speaker and the founder of the Accredited Life Coaching Practice A Little Motivation. A Little Motivation is a leading coaching practice focused on personal & professional development. A Little Motivation has been proven to help individuals live authentically and excel effortlessly at what they do. Allen’s practice also has a certification program that enables aspiring coaches to receive their certification and build their practice successfully. Allen's coaching programs are spiritually based. Nothing works without our creator is a popular phrase he says.

Allen Little with A Little Motivation has coached individuals from the U.S. to all the way in places such as; Canada, Nigeria, Bermuda and even transformed lives in the country of Greece. His ability to create direct and consistent transformations in peoples lives has allowed him to speak for companies such as MARY KAY, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Reece Nichols Real Estate group and numerous of other businesses. Although Allen speaks & coaches nationwide and internationally, Allen has been coined, The Motivation of Kansas City. All the world needs is just, A Little Motivation. Below you can hear Allen get interviewed about his core values on a National Podcast.

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My Full Story

I've spent half of my childhood living with my father in Detroit, and the other half with my mother in Chicago. When I was two years old I was supposed to visit my father every summer while returning to be with my mother for the school year. Turns out that first summer with my father became ten years. My parents lost contact however my mother also found it beneficial for me to spend my youngest most impressionable years with my pops. Those ten years with my dad turned out to be some of the best years of my life. My father was two things, motivational and spiritual. He would tell me so many stories from the old and new testament. He would also tell me ways of implementing faith into my life today. The phrases that he would most consistently say were, "Always drink plenty of water." and, "There's no such thing as I can't." 

That consistent positive affirmation along with the big family I had there in Detroit was all a kid needed to feel complete. But I did start to wonder and daydream about what my mother was like. So my pops got in touch with my mom who at the time was in Belleville, Illinois and he drove me there. Meeting my mom was wonderful. I had 3 other siblings I've never really met before and was fond of the idea of not being an only child anymore. My mom had 4 kids, 2 jobs, and 1 God.

Time went on and things started to get rough, my mom lost some of her jobs and the income came to almost a complete stop. Next thing I know we moved from Belleville, to Indiana, to Chicago and then to Champaign, Illinois all within a seemingly short period of time. My first home in Champaign was a women's homeless shelter. I didn't think much of it at first. Free food, cozy bed what else could a 12 year old ask for. However we kept changing shelters until I believe we overextended our stay because the next thing I know we were sleeping near bus stops and motels. As a kid, I remember the miracles like when the city hall would open up their main lobby to the homeless and we would sleep there. Also town events like "Shop with Cop" where a city police officer would take a homeless kid shopping with a hundred dollar budget! I loved that! Got me a Gameboy Color with Pokemon on the back. 

Time went on and we eventually struck gold. A local Salvation Army donated an entire house to us! It was unbelievable God is good all the time. As I grew into my teenage years I constantly found myself motivating my mom. There wasn't really a consistent man in the house so I had to step up. I motivated my mom through college, I helped her land numerous jobs, I would even give her little pep talks to get back into the gym. I became obsessed with just keeping my mother happy. 

As I grew up I found the love for my mother expanded to helping others as well. I would always be the one giving advice at work and ponder on a life outside of my job at AT&T. I didn't have any organized skills, but I had faith. I soon met a man who apparently made over two hundred thousand dollars in the month of February with his business. Now I knew that money didn't buy happiness, but I wanted to find out for myself. I approached this man and asked, "I'm curious sir, What do you do??" He was very brief with me and asked, "Do you read?" I responded, "I definitely know how to read." He then recommended me the book "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People" by Stephen Convey. That was one of the first personal development books I've read. Soon I got in touch with my favorite cousin from my childhood, and we both moved in together reading books on the daily while watching YouTube videos on success. I can easily say that I've put over seven hundred hours into my personal development and counting. I came across a guy who was a speaker, and recommended I join Toastmasters. My first time around with Toastmasters I won the area contest in Iowa! Soon I received a message from a lady on Twitter and turns out she was the lead campaign organizer for the presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Meeting him was unbelievable until she asked me to be his speaker at the Iowa Caucus. And that was my first ever speech. Almost five hundred in attendance at that little three minute talk I gave and the rest was history.

I had dreams of becoming America's Top Motivational Speaker however I soon became dissatisfied with only giving speeches and watching people go back to their regular thinking patterns so A Little Motivation was born. A coaching practice focused on Personal & Professional Development. An advanced form of Life Coaching because these tactics directly correlated with business as well. Now I can strive to become America's Top Motivational Speaker and help transform lives as well. Me being of a spiritual background I met the founders and owners of Soul Ascension, LLC in Kansas. They ran a successful spiritual center where dozens of spiritual healers, musicians, life coaches and facilitators would all do business in harmony out of their center. I've spent over a year working with them and plugging into the community. Time went on and my life coaching practice was accredited by them. To have an accredited life coaching practice is only something I would dream about as a child. Not finishing college drove me to the point where I had to finish something. However my life story is still being written to this day. Time goes on but the two quotes I still live by are, "Drink plenty of water" and, "There's no such thing as I can't."

Stay Blessed.