Use your story to change lives by becoming a life coach.

The Life Coaching Certification Program

The Life Coaching Certification Program will allow you to generate a full time income making a meaningful impact and changing peoples lives. Live a life of purpose and fulfill your destiny. 

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone that helps individuals achieve fulfillment in the seven pillars of their life. The seven pillars are; Emotional, Physical, Financial, Relationships, Spiritual, Career, and Purpose. 

Human beings tend to experience happiness and joy when their internal state of being is at a state of consistent peace and free of anxiety or stress. To achieve this level of peace, one must first understand that they are the one that's creating the idea that they are not at peace. It's not the events or circumstances that moves us, It is our reaction to those events that create our experience of it. 

The root of all of this is the way we talk to ourselves in response to those life events. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to transform our own self-talk especially after it has been a pattern for so long. Most highly successful and fulfilled people have had a life coach or mentor of some sort that really held them accountable for their growth and development. You as a life coach will become the person that will be a catalyst for an individuals freedom. You will be the voice of love and guidance leading them on a path to creating their true and authentic selves. Everyone remembers the person that has helped them change their life. As a life coach, you will be giving all of the people a great gift that they will cherish. That gift is themselves. 

The Reality of 

Becoming a Life Coach

Most people believe that just because they've been through a lot of life struggles and they're good at giving advice that they would be the perfect life coach. They couldn't be further from the truth. Becoming a self-sustained life coach is a process. And that process is something that cannot be rushed. It can only be guided. 

I've heard of a lot of people who have attempted to become a life coach on their own accord. They created a website and everything. They go on telling everyone that they're a life coach, maybe even have one or two people sign up with them. And then a couple of months later they realize that something isn't working. The phones not ringing off the hook like they expected. They're telling people they are a life coach and everyone's congratulating them but no one is signing up with them. After anger and dismay, these people usually quit and focus back on the thing they have to do rather than the thing they want to do in their hearts. And so another potential healer has settled and the world is a little dimmer. 

What went wrong?

They were missing the system. 

The Life Coaching 

Certification Program (LCCP)

When it comes to becoming successful in anything entrepreneurial. It requires a system. A system is a structure of processes that has been proven to work time and time again. The Life Coaching Certification Program (LCCP) contains the entire system in becoming a fully self-sustained life coach. Most people don't like business and aren't the sharpest tool in the shed with figuring business out. The LCCP contains all of the tools needed to not only build the practice but to do it in a way that is simple enough for a child. 

The LCCP contains all of the necessary tools to build it and also it develops the individual to become the person that can hold space for people. Some of us are empaths, and we can feel everyone's emotions which can weigh us down. The LCCP was designed to allow us to help people without being weighed down too much ourselves.

 The only element that is required from the participant is a heart to serve others. I've had numerous individuals complete the LCCP and the ones I see go the distance are the ones that genuinely care for people. This can not be done as a way to get rich quick or anything people can feel that. The coach's heart has to be present for the client otherwise the client will feel disconnected. I will recommend that anyone who has the recurring issue where they keep getting the thought to consider becoming a life coach. Act on it. Our creator sends us messages for us in the most unique ways and we can only answer it or try to run from it. Which we know, it'll just pop up again. 

  • The length of the program is three months. 
  • There will be a direct session with the instructor bi-weekly within those three months. 
  • In between the sessions, there will be an online video module the participant will partake in. 
  • There will be an audio program that the participant will listen to five times a week for at least fifteen minutes. 
  • Upon completion, the participant will receive their Life Coaching Certificate and will be acknowledged as a Certified Life Coach per Allen Little & A Little Motivation, LLC

Below are the choices. You can Inquire a time to hop on a call if you have more questions. Or if you're ready right now and you know this is for you. You can Enroll immediately into the program.

Certified Life Coaches 


Christine Clark

Certified April 4th, 2019

Ann Mckelvey

Certified October 30th, 2019

Maquestia Griggsby

Certified September 30th, 2019

Keisha Brown

Certified February 4th, 2019

Diana Watt

Certified April 4th, 2019

Kimberly Clouse

Certified May 21st, 2019

Heather Jevan Rose

Certified May 15th, 2019

Sharon Franks

Certified September 4th, 2019