Allen's Coaching Packages & Prices

3 Month Initiation Coaching 


(Avg. $160/mo Financed)

Three Months of Bi-weekly Sessions. 

The Three Month Initiation Coaching Program is an intensive coaching experience designed to empower professionals and set them on the path towards success in both their personal and business lives. This coaching program serves as a powerful catalyst for individuals who are seeking a transformative change but would like to sample our coaching before committing to a longer-term package. The income focus is to become a first time six figure earner.

With a duration of three months, this program offers a comprehensive overview, providing participants with valuable insights, tools, and strategies to jumpstart their journey towards achieving their goals
Program Benefits:
1. Tailored Coaching: Allen will work closely with participants to understand their unique aspirations, challenges, and objectives. By providing personalized guidance and support, we help individuals identify their areas for improvement and develop customized strategies for growth.

2. Holistic Approach: The Three Month Initiation Coaching Program recognizes that true success comes from finding a harmonious balance between personal and professional elements. Our coaching focuses on enhancing various aspects of participants' lives, including their mindset, habits, communication skills, and productivity. By doing so, we cultivate well-rounded individuals who can excel in both their personal and business endeavors.

3. Goal Setting and Action Plans: Setting clear goals is essential for progress. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants will gain clarity about their vision and objectives. Allen will then assist in developing actionable plans, breaking down big goals into smaller, manageable steps. By tracking progress and making adjustments along the way, individuals will stay on track towards their desired outcomes.

4. Accountability and Motivation: Sustaining motivation and staying accountable are common challenges in achieving lasting change. Allen provides a supportive environment that holds participants accountable for their actions, fostering discipline and consistency. Regular check-ins and progress assessments ensure that individuals stay focused, motivated, and engaged throughout the program.

5. Comprehensive Skill Development: The Three Month Initiation Coaching Program encompasses a wide range of essential skills for personal and professional growth. Participants will learn effective communication techniques, time management strategies, goal-setting methodologies, self-care practices, and much more. This holistic skill development approach will empower individuals to tackle challenges with confidence and poise.

6. First Time Six Figure Earner:
Our target is for professionals to cross the six figure mark for the first time in their income. If a professional has already crossed six figures, then we will create a strategy to hit the next tier at a quarter million dollars a year. The Godfidence Package is highly recommended for those that has already crossed six figures in their career.

The Godfidenceā„¢ Coaching Package


(Avg. $356/mo Financed or $2500/mo on Pay Plan)

The Godfidence Coaching Package: Unlocking The Unlimited Success Within You 

1 Year Of Godfidence Coaching Sessions. 


A transformative program designed exclusively for professionals seeking to elevate their performance to unprecedented levels.

This exceptional coaching package not only enhances their ability to excel in the business realm but also offers additional value through optional life coach training and speaker training. With a primary focus on accelerating sales to achieve an income goal of a quarter million dollars per year, the Godfidence Coaching Package is a game-changer in the world of coaching.

  • Accelerating Sales: A Quarter Million-Dollar Goal

At the forefront of the Godfidence Coaching Package is an ambitious revenue goal: a quarter million dollars per year. Allen works closely with participants to develop tailored sales strategies, an unshakeable self confidence, enhanced marketing techniques,  effective networking, and leveraging the potential of digital platforms.

  • Unleashing Entrepreneurial Brilliance

The Godfidence Coaching Package is meticulously crafted to empower individuals with the skills and mindset necessary to excel in their business endeavors.  We guide participants through a comprehensive coaching program that combines practical strategies with intricate psychological techniques. We address various aspects crucial to success, including goal setting, time management, effective communication, consistency, strategic planning, and problem-solving, among others. By honing these essential skills, participants gain confidence in their abilities, enabling them to perform at their very best.

  • Optional Life Coach Training

Recognizing the significance of personal growth beyond professional success, the Godfidence Coaching Package offers an optional Life Coach Training component. This training equips participants with the tools to help others overcome obstacles, find purpose, and ultimately lead fulfilling lives. By embracing the opportunity to become a certified life coach, individuals not only enhance their own personal development journey but also open doors to additional revenue streams and opportunities for making a positive impact on others.

  • Speaker Training for Expanded Influence

Effective communication is a key driver of success in any business venture, and the Godfidence Coaching Package acknowledges this by providing optional Speaker Training. This additional feature aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to deliver captivating presentations, become influential speakers, and effectively engage with potential clients or audiences. There is also the ability to have the tools to landing ones own TEDx Talk. By mastering the art of public speaking, individuals can enhance their personal brand, expand their reach, and ultimately accelerate their sales.

The Godfidence Executive Coaching Package


(Can be Financed or $5,000/mo Pay Plan)

The Godfidence Executive Package: Elevating Leadership and Maximizing Results

24 Executive Sessions Within Two Years.


Unlocking your true potential as a leader while surpassing one million dollars in personal income

Aspiring leaders often find themselves longing for the secret formula to become effective, confident, and successful in their roles. We understand the challenges faced by those in leadership positions, and it is our mission to equip them with the tools, skills, and mindset needed to excel.

Introducing The Godfidence Executive Package, a comprehensive program meticulously designed for leaders who strive to improve their competence, lead their teams effectively, and surpass the ambitious revenue goal of one million dollars.

Key Features and Benefits
1. Leadership Mastery: The program provides a deep dive into the art and science of leadership. Participants will explore the essential qualities of effective leaders, learn how to command respect, inspire others, and make well-informed decisions, fostering a culture of excellence within their teams.

2. Strategic Thinking: To surpass the one-million-dollar revenue mark, leaders must adopt a strategic mindset. Our program equips participants with the tools to analyze market trends, identify opportunities, make data-driven decisions, and create actionable business plans that lead to sustainable growth and profitability.

3. Effective Communication: The ability to communicate clearly, persuasively, and empathetically is crucial for any leader. The Godfidence Executive Package focuses on developing exceptional communication skills, enabling participants to effectively convey their vision, motivate their team, and build strong relationships with stakeholders.

4. Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence plays a fundamental role in leadership success. Our program guides participants in cultivating self-awareness, managing their emotions, and empathizing with others. By harnessing emotional intelligence, leaders can create a harmonious and productive work environment that fosters innovation and collaboration.

5. Resilience and Confidence: The Godfidence Executive Package emphasizes the importance of resilience and self-confidence in leadership. Participants will learn strategies to overcome challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and maintain a positive