I'm Allen Little with 

A Little Motivation

My  journey started in Champaign, Illinois with my mother and three siblings. My mother was a single mom with four kids, two jobs, and one God. My mother's entire life all she wanted was to be happily married, have a God based family and watch her kids grow up successful. It hurt me to watch the men in and out of her life, making her promises of the future to never fulfill on them. She kept her composure, but I knew she was hurting inside. All I wanted was to be A Little Motivation for my mother. I became obsessed with creating confidence after seeing the impact the lack of it had on her. I became obsessed with financial abundance after seeing how much it eluded us growing up. I became obsessed with emotions, productivity, all things that I watched my mother struggle with during my childhood. My first breakthrough was when I gave my first motivational speech at a toastmasters competition. Speaking about the concepts I've learned, I won first place. Soon I wanted to help people transform their lives off the stage as well so I got my life coaching certification. February 18th, 2018 Allen Little Motivation, LLC was born. Now it's simply, A Little Motivation. A Little Motivation is based in the United States. But it has helped transform the lives of people in Greece, Africa, United Kingdom, and many other locations around the globe. A Little Motivation has impacted thousands of people with speaking engagements and coaching courses. I am grateful to see this movement rise. I know that the courses and speaking engagements of A Little Motivation will have the tools to help you transform specific areas of your life. There are plenty of testimonials of the success of A Little Motivation, but my favorite one is my mothers.

As always, 
Stay Blessed