The Lion Team

A Positive group of leaders sharing inspiration and waking up the Lion in all of us.

Lion Team TV

A Video Podcast Experience

Lion Team TV was designed to be a true growth and connecting experience for all Lion Team members. We feature an inspiring Lion/Lioness and we get to really go deep with them and hear their story. Sometimes an interviewee will even offer exclusive gifts for the Lion Team pride members. 

Below are the interviewees of Lion Team TV.

Eric Ewing

Interviewed 05/15/2020

Lion Team Pride Member, Cancer Coach, Stage 4 Ninja Warrior

Eric Ewing shares his story with The Lion Team on how he overcame adversity in his life. Eric's journey includes curing himself of Stage 4 Cancer with organic eating. Also competing in American Ninja Warrior. He was known as the Stage 4 Ninja Warrior. Eric is a true Lion with his story and heart to give back.

Shari Mccants

Interviewed 04/30/2020

Lion Team Pride Member, Certified Health Coach, CBD Expert

 The first time I met Shari McCants, I said to myself, there’s a woman with a purpose. She may tell you a little more about this, but I’ll say that when her son was 8-years-old in 2010 he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and she turned into a crazy woman. She was determined to find a solution so that her son did not have to stick himself with a needle every day for the rest of his life. And, like everyone with a mission, she found the solution. Today, it is her passion to share what she discovered. Shari is a certified nutrition coach and an award winning Kannaway Brand Ambassador on another mission. She wants to debunk a number of modern myths about an amazing plant called Hemp. You can take what Shari has to say to the bank. Shari has a free offer for you. Click below to redeem it.